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Voices of our success stories: What our customers say

Customer opinions

What our customers say

As participants in a “Florida Sun Seminar” in Zurich last year, we were familiar with the company “Paul International Consultants”. When our real estate purchase became more concrete, we decided to handle the transaction with Paul International.
After the successful outcome, we are delighted with our decision to hire Paul International. The professional support throughout the entire process was a relief for us. We particularly appreciated the regular contact and the reliable handling of the individual steps. We were always up to date.
We can highly recommend Paul International Consultants to future real estate owners. It definitely pays to hire professionals to handle a real estate purchase in the USA!
A big thank you to Melanie Perry for the pleasant cooperation.
A big THANK YOU to Jennifer Lintzeris from Team USA for her great support and coordination!

M+G B. – Switzerland

When we first thought about buying a property in Florida, we immediately asked ourselves how we could finance this property with debt. When we attended a FLORIDA-SUN seminar by Paul International, it was clear to us that we were in good hands here.
This was then fully confirmed during the collaboration. We bought two condos instead of one,
which we financed in part through American banks. The professional and experienced staff
from Paul International accompanied us from the first to the last moment and beyond. We received fantastic advice all round.
Any questions that arose were answered immediately – even late in the evening and at weekends if necessary. We felt optimally supported throughout the entire process.
Ms. Paul was also available for us virtually 24 hours a day. We have never experienced anything like this before!
Conclusion: The next property in the USA will undoubtedly be financed again with the help of Paul International!

Elke & Mike Gladbach, Germany

The speed of communication as well as the quality and sovereignty were outstanding. My wife and I felt that we received first-class and extremely trustworthy support at all times, despite the fact that buying a house in the USA was a new and unfamiliar undertaking for us.
Without the consulting services and the intensive, trusting support of Paul Consulting in this project, we would probably not have been able to realize our lifelong dream – many thanks from the Schmidt family!

Schmidt family, Germany

My experience with the Paul International Consultants team has been a very pleasant one. The team, and Lydia especially, has been very helpful–they’re professional, responsive to my inquiries, very patient in answering my questions.I would definitely recommend them to other users.

X.S. China

Lydia has guided me on this journey from the moment I was introduced to her. She has been so responsive and so helpful, holding my hand every step of the way! She helped make my lifelong dream come true of buying a home in Florida and I could not highly recommend Paul International Consultants enough!

Abi Proudlove, UK

I really appreciated your and your team’s continuous help during my home financing process.thanks to your support, we completed this process without any problems and/or difficulties. I would like to especially thank Lydia, she was always available and very helpful. I would strongly recommend your service to anyone.
Kind regards,

E.B., Turkey

We have known Paul International for a long time (of course also through active advertising …) and after a renewed recommendation by our Realtor, we were happy to make use of Paul International’s expertise.

Overall, the support from Paul International was extremely helpful for our first US financing, as the practices of the US and the title agencies are very different from German banks. Throughout the entire process, small questions kept cropping up, which were always answered competently and promptly. and Title Agency riding, for example. very much on the subject of money laundering. Every single payment (although in our case they came from German banks (which are subject to the same money laundering laws) must be documented down to the smallest detail. The staff (we were looked after by Ms. Thanhoffer and Ms. Reddict) looked after us very well at all times and were able to eliminate many uncertainties with their specialist knowledge.

The entire process deserves our express thanks and recognition!

The only criticism of the financing process would be that the lender currently used is not one of the most communicative companies and questions are simply not answered. Of course, this is not Paul International’s fault.

In conclusion, we can highly recommend the services of Paul International and look forward to further business!

Patricia, Coatesville, PA

“Dear Paul International team,
dear Mrs. Perry,
We are super happy with the decision to have processed our financing through you. Everything was right from the start and we not only had a good feeling but also felt very well informed and advised about all steps in the process (at all times).
Ms. Perry took us by the hand professionally and patiently explained every step and also supported us with things beyond the financing (e.g. questions about dealing with realtors, HOA, opening an account, etc.).
She was there for us around the clock – better availability is not possible!
We would like to thank you very much for this exceptional service! Thank you for your support – we are pleased that the first property in Florida worked out and will be happy to contact you again for the second 🙂
Best wishes and thanks again!

MS, Germany

Dear Paul International Team,

Thank you very much for accompanying us so competently and safely to our investment property in Florida. Special thanks go to Ms. Lydia Reddict, who knew the answer to every question and was there for us around the clock, however she could manage it.

We are absolute newcomers when it comes to the USA. With Ms. Reddict, we felt that we were really taken by the hand, were safely navigated past all the stumbling blocks, every document and every email was explained to us, and – as I said – around the clock. She even prepared the appointment for us at the postulate and was there live on the phone when we were standing in front of the postulate in Munich and didn’t know how to get in. Even after the successful conclusion of the collaboration, Ms. Reddict was still happy to help and answer questions, which is by no means a matter of course.

We became aware of Paul International through a Florida Sun webinar that is freely available on YouTube. And this webinar alone immediately convinced us that we were in the right place. We have rarely seen such a competent presentation and precise processing of the information. It was almost a complete step-by-step guide on how to get financing in the US, with no beating around the bush, no sugar-coating, no empty promises or “customer catching”. This pure competence is what attracted us so much, and what was then 100% confirmed in the actual collaboration.

One thing is clear, without Paul International we would certainly not have managed to expand our investment career to the USA. We will therefore continue to carry out all financing in the USA with Paul International.

Many thanks again to the whole team.

Olga and Matthias Wenzel, Gomaringen

Dear Paul International Consultants team,

Thank you very much for the competent, professional and pleasant cooperation! We are also grateful to Claudia Hossiep for recommending you to us.

Particularly outstanding was the – almost “round-the-clock availability”
We are happy to recommend them to friends.
Should we need this valuable service again soon, we look forward to working with you again!

Kind regards
from South Tyrol and Florida

Siegmund & Gabi Fuchsbrugger

Siegmund & Gabi Fuchsbrugger, South Tyrol

Throughout the process of Paul International and your team, always acted with quality and professionalism, surpassing expectations and I just have to thank.
I will recommend you with certainty. Thank you, so much!

Edmilson Marchesotti, South America

Dear Ms. Paul,

With this short letter my wife and I would like to thank you very much for the professional cooperation with your company during our second house purchase in Florida.

Our special thanks go to Ms. Melanie Perry, who kept a cool head at all times despite our rather difficult short sale and always stood by us with help and advice.

It is ultimately thanks to their commitment that we managed to get everything done on time.
Should we finance a property in America again in the future, we will always come back to you and recommend you at any time.

Many thanks and all the best,

Andreas and Nadine Naumann, Germany

Dear Paul International Consultants team,

Thank you very much for the excellent cooperation in financing our new building in Florida. After initially planning to buy an existing property, we finally decided on a new build after several site visits. We quickly found and bought the right plot of land, construction has now begun and we are delighted with every step forward.

From the very beginning, we received excellent support from Ms. Perry. She was always available to answer any questions we had, gave us competent advice and supported us from the first day of financing to the final day over several months.
Without the competent advice of Paul International, we would never have dared to start building a house and financing the construction project in the USA.

We will be happy to recommend you, thank you again for everything.

HB, Germany

Dear Ms. Perry,

I would like to thank you very much for your excellent advice on financing my dream property in Florida.
All questions were answered quickly, understandably and comprehensively. The various phone calls with you contributed a lot to the positive outcome. During the uncertain phase with the very weak euro, you showed me ways to make it possible to build houses in the USA.

I can only recommend all future builders to consult Ms. Perry.

I would like to thank you and your team for the perfect support right through to realization.

All the best to you.

With best regards

Robert Schulze

Robert Schulze, Germany

Right from the start, we received excellent quality and very detailed advice on the various financing models for our project in the USA. All questions were always answered in great detail and to our complete satisfaction in a very short time. We didn’t even notice any vacation substitutions within the team and all details were known to the responsible employees and were coordinated down to the smallest detail in advance. The availability goes far beyond the normal office hours as we know them in Germany. We are happy to have started our project together with “Paul Internation Consultants” and, based on our experience, would start another project at any time. At all times, the focus was on people and each other, so we can highly recommend working with “Paul Internation Consultants”.

Dennis Knieza, Germany

Dear Ms. Reddict,

I would like to thank you for the excellent cooperation. I would not have managed to buy my first property in Florida so quickly without your competent help.
In addition to the support with the financing, I would particularly like to thank you for your support in all the secondary areas, such as escrow, home inspection, insurance issues, HOA, notary and the like.
I am very satisfied with the result and, above all, the way we got there. I would want to work with you again at any time and will be happy to recommend you to others.

A big compliment to you and the entire team.

Mario Marcola

Dear Mrs. Paul!

Congratulations on 30 years of successful work for us investors!
I still remember our first meeting at an information event in Frankfurt very well.
You could so clearly feel your enthusiasm for real estate in the USA, especially in beautiful Florida!

I’m really pleased that you’ve been with us for such a long time – and it’s been a really difficult time! – were able to build and develop their successful company.

All the best for the future and I’m looking forward to the surprises!

M. H., Germany

Dear Paul International team,We have finally been able to realize our dream of owning a house in Florida. We had already made two unsuccessful attempts on our own, so the decision to bring in a professional consultant was a logical one. We didn’t know Paul International beforehand, found it on the Internet and received a very profound and personal consultation right away, initially without any obligation. We then completed the highly recommended webinars. Based on what we learned there, we decided to set up a company in the USA first.

During Corona, the market was very turbulent, but a new property opened up that we liked. Paul International then immediately made all the preparations and advised us on all matters virtually 24/7. Our main contact person, Ms. Perry, really had a solution for every hurdle we encountered. Even when the title company made a serious mistake, Ms. Perry brought about a result with patience and expertise. We always had the feeling that everything would be fine. The perfect preparation of the contract signing at the US consulate is particularly worth mentioning here. Officials made mistakes there too, which Ms. Perry saw and eradicated. Chapeau!

Such advice certainly costs money, but it is worth every penny. Buying a house in the USA is complicated and much more formal than in Germany. Ms. Perry monitored everything so meticulously that we couldn’t make any more mistakes. Our local estate agent and all other parties involved also received the necessary updates through direct communication.

All in all, we are certain that we would not have reached our goal today without the advice we received. Many thanks again to the entire team for everything!

Corina & Michael Bluth, Potsdam

Thank you very much for the wonderful cooperation!
We bought a house in California this year and received excellent advice from PIC right from the start. The team at PIC were always available and were able to help quickly with any questions, so we always had a good feeling throughout the entire process. Many people are over the moon about our new house in LA!

Family H., Germany

Of course, you could visit a few banks in Florida yourself before buying a house, but you can also search for a property with the famous suitcase of money. I have not regretted for a second that I worked with your company to find a suitable property and to arrange the financing. Every dot and comma fits, all relevant contracts are checked. Even colleagues know about the progress. I particularly liked your selection of reputable and competent local partners. An idea matured in February and the house was handed over before Christmas. A big compliment to a well-coordinated team and continued success.

Georg Waschak

Big praise for the all-round, worry-free advice [...]. All questions and problems that arose during the processing time were resolved quickly, professionally and to everyone's satisfaction. A big compliment to the entire team.

U. Leimberger
Realtor testimonials

What our partners say

Dearest Kirsten.

Held up well! Congratulations, as we were there from the very beginning. That’s a long time for a business model that works, runs and was and is successful. You did a great job and always stood up to everything. You looked ahead with determination and stayed on track.

Best wishes to you. Keep up the good work. Good business and satisfied customers and investors in 2024.

Michael Schneider-Christians – Entrepreneur, AIESEC Alumnus

Congratulations Kirsten, to you and your great team!
You have achieved a lot over the last three decades.
Success comes from diligence and hard work.
I wish you all the best for the future!

Kind regards

Kati Weiss – Lic Real Estate Broker/Owner

Hello Mrs. Paul,

Congratulations on this special anniversary.

Many thanks for the very good cooperation with you and also with your employees, who always solved and completed everything very professionally.

I wish you continued success and look forward to a very effective and successful partnership.

Horst Luhn


My name is Yaremi Morales, I’m a Broker Associate with Royal Shell Real Estate in Southwest Florida. I couldn’t say enough about the great service and professionalism my client and myself received while working with Paul International Consultants. The entire process from start to finish was smooth and communication was top of the line. Not to mention how knowleadgeable they are and how good they are also in following up. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future. Special thanks to Cigdem Thanhoffer and Lydia Reddict for such a great team work. Paul International Service should be used as the standard in the industry.

Yaremi Morales – Royal Shell Real Estate, Inc.

Your service was very professional and friendly in all communication between me as realtor and my client/buyer.
The fast responses was a pleasure to experience, and impressing, having the challenges with time difference between USA and Sweden /Germany.
Your company worked extremely hard with this particular client due to language barrier and lack of understanding from client regarding procedures and time lines. Pulling teeth became a well-known quote during this transaction.
I would most definitely recommend you to my prospect clients 🙂

Janne Dalen – Norway & Sweden, Broker Associate, Florida Scandi Realty

I know when I send my clients to Paul International the job will get done. I know that the excellent, professional staff will handle all aspects of the process without me having to watch their every move. I wish all my clients looking for a would use Paul International, they work hard to make the process as simple as possible on the client as well as myself as a Realtor.I recommend Paul International highly, they are one of the best in the business.
Thanks everyone!

Kathleen White – Island Real Estate

Simoni was very professional, quick to respond and personable. She was easy to reach even when traveling abroad. The process was fast and closed on time even during the Christmas holidays which can be a nightmare. I will certainly recommend P.I.C. to future clients!

James Jones – Remax Marketplace II

I have just completed a with one of your agents Mia Hebel. Mia was very professional and kept my client & myself informed regularly. Her polite but confident assistance was most reassuring & would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. In fact I have given her details to three new clients in the last week.

Penny Stokes-Hilton – topvillasrealty

PIC made the buying process seamless with my foreign national buyer. He had a lot of questions and was buying in the US for the first time. PIC was able to answer all of his questions and get his to in the time frame they initially laid out for us. Their communication was second to none and I would love to work with them again.

Matthew Consolo – All State Realty Group

Dear Paul International Consultants “family”: Yesterday another successful closing took place for a German client. The support provided by Catharina Eiberger in particular was, as usual, professional and personal. Follow-up to every question, every comment was prompt and friendly.

I couldn’t think of a better partner to assist German clients who are buying and investing here in Southwest Florida.

After years of absolutely satisfactory cooperation, I would always go back to Paul International Consultants and recommend them to others.

C. B. – Realtor
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